Choosing the Right Motivational Speaker

Motivation | Posted by Geraldine Jensen January 28th, 2015

With so many motivational speakers today, choosing the right one for your group can really be challenging. There are some speakers who survived a tragedy, who became successful businessmen, who started change in society, and many more. But what are the things that you need to take into account when choosing the best one?

Identifying the needs

motivational speakerThis is the first step that you need to take when choosing the right motivational speaker. You should consider the issues that your group is currently dealing with. Does your group need someone to inspire them? Or does your group need purely technical information? Whatever the needs or issues are, you should find a speaker that can share related experiences in which your group can relate to.

Choosing between entertainment and message

After determining the needs, you have to decide whether entertainment should be prioritized over the message or vice versa. Keep in mind that a celebrity or a humorous motivational speaker might not be able to deliver the most meaningful and deep message. All of these details present in You might also want to consider a balance between entertainment and message. You can find speakers that can offer you pure entertainment value and those that focus on the message content with a little touch of entertainment value. Most professional speakers can adjust depending on your needs. If you are undecided, you can discuss with them their options.

Considering the fees

You have to balance between your budget and the quality you need. Often, higher fees mean better quality. You do not want the quality to suffer because of allotting a very low budget. You only get what you pay for. Likewise, you do not like to overspend when your budget is not enough because it could affect your finances. Be careful and take time to find a motivational speaker who fits your needs and money.

Getting a preview

Since you will pay for the service, it is your right to get a preview of the speaker’s performance. Doing this way will give you idea on his speaking skills. Usually, sample videos of motivational speakers can be viewed on their website. Visiting their website will let you know if they are articulate or pleasant to the ears.

Another way to get a preview is by attending to speakers’ programs. Watching them live will not just help you assess their performance but also witness how audiences react to their speech.

Organizing the time and date

Once the date of your program is set, start finding a motivational speaker. For some speakers with many engagements, you have to book them approximately one year in advance. Then, determine the length of time the speaker will have. If you are not sure of it, the speaker can help you decide on the right amount of time. He can also recommend the appropriate order of presentations for your program.

Locating your resources

You can ask your friends for recommendations. It is a good way to save your time and narrow search. Another way is through the help of speakers bureaus. They can help you with locating and booking speakers based on your needs and specifications. Also, they can quote the speaker fees. Some of them specialize in specific speakers including entertainment celebrities, athletes, authors and many more. You can find them using local phone directories or over the internet.

Clearly, choosing the right motivational speaker can be challenging. There are a lot of considerations to take into account. These considerations include determining the needs of your group, choosing between entertainment and message, taking into account the fees, getting a preview, organizing the time and date and locating your resources.

How to Choose a Company that Manufactures Custom Challenge Coins

Military | Posted by Dorothy Kahn January 27th, 2015

If you want to give out unique tokens of appreciation, you should consider custom challenge coins. These coins have been popular since the World War II, and they are currently used by numerous organizations. In addition, these coins are not very expensive so you can order as many as you need. Giving away challenge coins can significantly improve your relationship with your team members.

You can find a lot of companies that manufacture custom challenge coins online. There are those that manufacture business coins, military coins, award coins, and public service coins, such as EMT coins, police coins, and firefighter coins. Most of them even give discounts and promotional offers for bulk orders. See to it that you go for a company that specializes in a wide range of coins and has already built a solid reputation.

Custom Challenge CoinsTypically, manufacturers give discounts to customers who order public service and military coins. So if you work with the police department, fire department, EMT, military, public school sector, or government, you can benefit from a discounted rate. You may also enjoy promotional offers for business coins, non-profit coins, private group coins, and charity coins. Many companies also offer discounts for personalized wedding coins.

Of course, quality should be your number one priority. Your coins are useless if they cannot last for years. Choose a company that offers excellent image details, numerous coin options, and a large selection of finishes. They should offer superior craftsmanship. The coins should look great and last for a long time. Their polished finishes must be exceptional and their antique finishes plated.

The company should be able to adjust to the budgets of their customers as well. If you cannot afford expensive coins, you can ask to see their selection of low cost metals. High quality metals generally produce top quality custom challenge coins. Nonetheless, there are also good quality metals that are not that expensive. If you prefer luxury, you can go for solid silver and gold coins.

Before you finalize your order, see to it that you also decide whether to choose hard enamel or soft enamel. Companies that manufacture custom challenge coins can offer both processes, but a lot of companies prefer hard enamel for their coins. Many people think that soft enamel colors will peel off and flake over time. It is important for you to know the difference between the two, so you can choose which one to use.

The hard enamel process involves forming the coins from a mold and stamping their design into a metal alloy, such as brass. Through stamping, the coins are designed and shaped. Recessed and raised areas are created through this process. The recessed areas are colored and filled with hard enamel until they are at the same level as the raised areas. Then, the coins are baked at high temperatures and polished using a special wheel to ensure that the metal and colors are flush.

The hard enamel process results in coins that are smooth and shiny. The recessed and raised areas are no longer visible. The soft enamel process, on the other hand, is similar to the hard enamel process except that the coins are not polished. They also do not have recessed areas that are filled with enamel. With the soft enamel process, the coins are colored by adding colors to the area that is slightly underneath the raised area.

So contrary to popular belief, soft enamel coins are not inferior to hard enamel coins. Hard enamel coins look great and are more expensive, but soft enamel coins are also good. The surface of soft enamel coins captures light that enhances their design. They also do not flake, degrade, or peel easily unless the company who manufactured them is not well equipped or experienced.

Getting People To Notice Your Website – Even If It’s Somewhat Boring

SEO | Posted by Peter Perez January 20th, 2015

Everyone that publishes a website needs to have traffic coming through it. No matter how staunch you are against the notion that you need a popular page, you still need to have traffic hitting it. Some people assume that this is something that you are going to have to cycle through from time to time, while others are going to recommend that this is done right away, meaning marketing angles and more. Without marketing serving a helping hand to your website, you are going to end up missing out on the greater good that comes through internet marketing solutions of a variety of different levels. Some people assume that this is all an easy thing to move forward with, and it can be easy, if you start to layer out your reach as far as SEO is concerned.

The problem with SEO in many ways is that there’s no shortcuts that can be utilized within this world. In fact, you’re going to find yourself battling the notion that you can build your empire without a lot of leverage in regards to internet marketing. You will have to start where everyone starts out and that’s at 0. That doesn’t mean that you are going to end up having to reinvent the wheel, but it does mean that you will not be able to do all of the necessary things to get your site noticed alone. You may have to hire someone.

Let’s assume that you didn’t want to hire anyone and you wanted to build your marketing collateral by yourself. You can definitely do that, but it’s going to take on a herculean effort in order to gain leverage moving forward. In fact, you’re going to have to look at things from a whole new perspective if you are to gain any sort of leverage at all. If you start within the parameters of SEO from scratch, you will need to focus on a few steps and that will all translate into your site getting noticed.

The Starting Line (Onsite)

Before you can start to see any traffic hit your page, you’re going to have to go with onsite optimization. This is a type of marketing that focuses on the crude code that you are dealing with. Code structures online will help you get moving forward, and you will need to make sure that you are compliant with the necessary bodies of internet programming. W3C is a good thing to look into if you’re going to code yourself, or hire a good programmer that knows how to work with internet marketing to build your pages. If you focus on the building in the correct manner, you’re going to gain serious market share as you move forward. The key here is to ensure that you’re able to make moves going forward and set up the right elements of design overall. If you set up the right starting point, you will traverse a grand amount of different arenas.

The Content Element

SEOThe next big thing that you have to work within is that of content. Content is defined in 15 to 20 different fields, so don’t assume that this is an open and shut case. You’ll want to build up this element in a variety of different ways. Focus on building this through the parameters of creating links through a variety of different areas. As you start to focus on building the right elements, you will end up with a good deal of motion moving forward. Content can be as simple as a text update, but it could be as complex as a podcast or video blog entry with a lot of editing. The goal here is to make sure that you’re opening up the communication platforms necessary to gain attention from web users. If you don’t diversify your content and you are not publishing different things on a regular basis, you’re not going to go anywhere online.

Link Generation (SEO)

Link generation is something that is going to be necessary if you are to maintain a certain longevity online. If you think that you can just set up a site and watch the internet roll in, you’re going to be dealing with a problem that most people are going to have to deal with and that’s in regards to references and links. Links are important as they signal to search engines that you are a trustworthy site to deal with. Don’t allow yourself to lose sight of the importance of this, and make sure that you’re seeking out different elements of structured implementation. Link generation is a good thing, and can definitely give you a great opportunity to build SEO elements the right way.

The aforementioned are just some core concepts that you’re going to want to pursue when you are pushing forward within the parameters of link generation and elements of design influence. Focus on building them slowly, and perhaps even hire a professional grade solution that is going to give you a great deal of influence online. If you focus on the right parameters, you will end up with a huge jump in traffic and your sustainability online will be bar none, a good thing. Just don’t rush it, because SEO takes a great deal of time to implement.